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Protect your smile and jaw with bruxism treatment in Oakville!

Discover effective teeth grinding treatment in Oakville and bid farewell to the detrimental impact of bruxism. Grinding or clenching teeth during sleep, called bruxism, can slowly erode your oral health.

While stress and anxiety often contribute to this habit, it’s hard to address since it happens during sleep. However, you can shield your teeth from harm.

If you’re grappling with teeth grinding, Dental Works on Cornwall is your dedicated partner for comprehensive bruxism treatment. Visit us for help addressing your bruxism today in Oakville, ON.

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Are You Dealing with Bruxism?

How do you know if you’re unwittingly grinding or clenching your teeth at night?

A noticeable sign is waking up with a tight or sore jaw. If your jaw feels tense in the morning, chances are you’ve been clenching throughout the night. Additionally, those sharing your sleeping space may alert you to the sound of teeth grinding during the night. If people mention a tooth grinding sound, then it suggests a potential bruxism concern.

Bruxism's Stealthy Dental Impact

Beyond being a mere habit, teeth grinding and clenching can significantly affect your oral health. As these actions occur during sleep, they often go unnoticed and uncontrolled. The most evident consequence of bruxism is tooth wear. Heightened pressure and friction wear away tooth enamel over time. Eventually, teeth may lose their natural shape, requiring dental crowns for restoration.

Moreover, bruxism can worsen temporomandibular joint (TMJ) symptoms, contributing to jaw discomfort. If you’re experiencing clicking or popping sensations in your jaw, bruxism could exacerbate these issues.

Effective Bruxism Treatment in Oakville, ON

Bruxism should not be ignored, as untreated cases can lead to lasting dental damage. While breaking the habit may prove challenging, protective measures can safeguard your teeth.

Discover bruxism appliances, like custom night mouthguards tailored by Dental Works on Cornwall. Our personalized mouthguards act as a barrier against the effects of bruxism. Choose from a range of partial and complete mouthguards to find your ideal fit.

If you wake up with jaw discomfort, now is the time to seek professional assistance for bruxism in Oakville, ON. Visit our Dental clinic to embark on your journey to healthier teeth.

Begin with a comprehensive consultation, where we examine your smile and take a dental impression for your custom dental appliance. During future visits, we will finalize fitting your customized mouthguard.

Embark on your transformation toward stronger teeth today. Book your appointment for teeth grinding treatment in Oakville.