TMJ Oakville, ON

Alleviate jaw pain and improve your dental health with TMJ treatment in Oakville.

TMJ is a fairly common condition that’s marked by consistent jaw joint pain. If you’re dealing with TMJ, you may experience pain during facial movements and alignment issues.

Don’t let TMJ in Oakville cause you pain any longer. Improve your eating and sleep with TMJ treatment in Oakville at Dental Works on Cornwall. Visit our experienced dental team today!

Signs of TMJ

Do you think you may be dealing with TMJ? These are the most common symptoms:

Reasons for TMJ

What causes TMJ? The reasons can vary, and are not always easy to discern. Often times, a combination of factors leads to TMJ.

Some examples of common causes include:

Determining the reason for your issue will help us plan the best course of action. That’s why we always begin with a thorough dental assessment.

TMJ Disorder Treatment

While TMJ is hard to understand, there are options for addressing the pain it causes.

The last resort may be dental surgery to correct the jaw. However, non surgical options should be assessed first including medication, physical therapy, bite splints, and home pain relief.

TMJ Treatment in Oakville, ON

If you think you’re dealing with TMJ and need TMJ treatment in Oakville, look no further than Dental Works on Cornwall.

Our dedicated dental team provides TMJ treatment to help patients with both the pain and root cause of their jaw issue. We have helped many patients with non-surgical methods.

Resolve your jaw pain and clicking with TMJ treatment today. We will start by assessing your mouth and determining the treatment for you.

Schedule your appointment today!

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