Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride Treatment Oakville, ON

Maintain a healthy smile and prevent tooth decay with fluoride treatment in Oakville, ON!

You can find fluoride as an additive in tap water and many food sources. This mineral is important for our dental health, which is why it’s now added in several places.

Consuming sugar triggers our mouth to produce acid. The acid in our saliva can damage our enamel over time. Fluoride protects and strengthens tooth enamel, reducing the chances of tooth decay.

Regular fluoride treatments during your dental cleaning will help you maintain your oral health and prevent several dental issues.

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Fluoride Treatment Oakville, ON

Fluoride in Daily Life

Daily fluoride access is best for preventing oral health issues. Start by selecting a fluoride toothpaste to strengthen your teeth regularly. In addition to toothpaste and oral care products, you can also find this mineral in enriched foods and tap water. Consuming fluoride and applying it through daily brushing can help you keep your smile healthy.

Fluoride for Kids

Children should begin using fluoride by around 6 months old. It helps keep their incoming teeth healthy and clean. At first, you should carefully monitor kids with toothpaste, using only a small drop of child-friendly toothpaste until they consistently spit it out on their own.

Why Visit the Dentist for Fluoride Treatment in Oakville, ON

Daily fluoride use is important, but it does not replace professional fluoride treatment.

Dental fluoride treatments contain a higher concentration of the mineral. The dental team diligently applies it to every tooth to ensure all surfaces receive treatment. At home, it’s much more difficult to hit every spot of every tooth.

Fluoride Treatment in Oakville, ON

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